Ongoing amendments to the B-BBEE Codes have raised the bar for corporates to achieve compliance and retain their B-BBEE status level.  The increased complexities associated with compliance will place a greater demand on management, and in many instances will require additional dedicated resources and management interventions.  Corporates now have an opportunity to transform their compliance experience with certain pillars of the B-BBEE Codes from a process mired in complexity, effort and in many cases resentment, into a coherent approach that delivers transformation and social impact whilst also enhancing shareholder value. 

To this end, Anela has developed a fully outsourced solution that achieves compliance with the Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) requirements of the B-BBEE Codes. Corporates are now able to convert their enterprise and supplier development spend (ESD spend) from an annual income statement expense that negatively impacts shareholder value, into a once-off balance sheet investment that delivers compliance at no cost.


B-BBEE Compliance: Investors will receive an annual B-BBEE certificate from a certified rating agency confirming compliance with the ESD requirements of the Codes.

Maximum Impact: Investors have access to an ESD solution that delivers shareholder value alongside social value.

Creation of shareholder value: Investors convert their ESD spend from an annual income statement expense (i.e. a grant or donation) to a balance sheet asset that retains value and earns an investment return.

Investors dramatically reduce their cost of compliance: In comparison to the other pillars of the Codes, the cost of compliance per ESD point is significantly lowered via the fund structure.

Collective Approach: Investors are part of a solution where the collective is vastly more powerful than the individual parts and that 1+1 can indeed be >2.

Cost Effective: Gross investment return should adequately cover all fees associated with the investment.

Risk Sharing: Investment risk is shared among multiple investors, with no minimum investment size.

Alignment with B- BBEE Codes: Investor objectives in complete alignment with spirit of B-BBEE Codes.

Outsourced Solution:  Fully outsourced solution frees up management to focus on their core business .


Anyone (such as a company, trust or natural person) who requires Enterprise and Supplier Development points in terms of the B-BBEE Codes, OR investors that prioritise social return alongside investment return.

For more information, contact info@anela.co.za

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