Anela Capital is a niche investment advisory business that specialises in structuring and implementing high impact investment mandates. Anela’s founder, Carron Howard brings 7 years of direct experience in the structuring and analysis of over R1.2bn in high impact unlisted debt investments. With a particular focus on enterprise development, she has managed a number of high impact investment portfolios that have delivered consistent above average investment returns, and 100% capital preservation for investors.

Inspired by the concept of creating enough, Anela takes its name from the Zulu word for “ample”, “contentment” and “sufficient”:


Anela is therefore founded on the principle that the collective responsibility of those who have enough, is to participate in solutions that create value in the lives of those who have less. By looking through traditional approaches to building social value, Anela is able to reveal new formats that have the potential to unlock opportunities for the creation of social good. Within this vision lies the vast potential to create a paradigm of social change that will uplift the lives of many.

Anela pursues unique partnerships that thrive on the alignment of investor values and investment objectives. It targets a blend of investment alternatives that have the potential to generate social change alongside investor returns. Through deep due diligence and skilled analysis, Anela is able to ensure that investment capital is made to work hardest where it is needed most. 

Anela recognizes that to drive social change in the segments of our economy that most need transformation, a fresh approach is required. We need to step away from the exhausted formats that until now have defined our response to these needs.  Given our deep experience in this field, we know with absolute conviction that it is possible to deliver a meaningful investment solution that delivers focused impact in areas that demonstrate an authentic and urgent need for capital.