Anela Investment Advisors - Carron graduated from law school and spent the early part of her career consulting in the formulation and implementation of corporate strategy for Braxton Associates, a UK based strategy consulting firm. Thereafter she entered law articles and on being admitted as an attorney in 1996, joined Syfrets Bank, in the Private Client division.  Over the next 5 years she worked in Financial Services gaining specific experience in fund management and investment analysis.  She obtained her CFA in October 2001 and at the end of 2001 started her own business and successfully established a number of entrepreneurial business ventures during the following 8 years. In 2010 she joined Cadiz Asset Management as a Credit Analyst with specific focus on unlisted credit in the area of Impact Investing and Socially Responsible Investing. From 2012 she was the portfolio manager of the Cadiz High Impact Fund and the Cadiz Enterprise Development Fund ((CENT).  In April 2016 she founded Anela Capital (Pty) Ltd, a niche impact advisory business.


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