Anela Agri Enterprise Development Fund

An investment into the Anela Agri ED Fund, converts enterprise development spend into a source of patient capital that will be invested in the South African agricultural sector, with a specific emphasis on providing funding to emerging black farmers. In addition to earning investment returns, investors will create deep social value in the form of:

  • Better utilization of land in rural communities
  • Enhancing food security
  • Job creation
  • Scaling established emerging farms
  • Enabling first entry into market of emerging farmers

Investors will receive an Enterprise Development certificate from an accredited rating agency indicating their exact accredited Enterprise Development spend. For so long as investors remain invested in the Fund, they will receive annual accreditation confirming compliance with the Codes. The underlying investments of the Fund are made with the explicit goal of complying with the aspects of the DTI B-BBEE scorecard insofar as they relate to Enterprise Development.

The Anela Agri ED Fund has developed a transformative and inclusive business model, targeting the support of disadvantaged emerging farmers. It has fully embraced a strategy of engagement and support that focuses on addressing the following specific challenges facing these farmers:

  • Limited access to markets
  • Inability to compete with high volume, low cost producers
  • Inadequate infrastructure
  • Lack of economies of scale
  • Access to finance
  • Lack of human capital

The Fund will structure financing options suited to the unique needs of these farmers, in a way that is responsible, empowering and sustainable.

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